Tour to Naples


Are you interested in seeing where the story of PizzaPlex started? Do you want to witness first-hand the birthplace of Vera Pizza Napoletana by traveling to Italy and tasting delicious foods and wines while learning about an ancient culture and land? Would you like to learn how to make pizza and visit vineyards along scenic hillsides?

If you answered yes to these questions, PizzaPlex invites you to join us for a guided tour in December for six days in Campania - the region that hosts the dynamic, volcanic, and complex city that is Napoli. The travel package includes:

  • Pizzamaking classes at Scuola di Pizzaiolo, the same school that launched PizzaPlex when its original owners learned pizzamaking in 2015
  • Wine tasting at Sorrentino Vini and Cantine Astroni
  • A visit to the Amalfi coast
  • Guided tours of different aspects of Naples, including Underground Naples and San Gregorio Armeno, a historic destination for holiday shopping in Italy
  • A Neapolitan travel guide who will accompany the group for all programmed portions of the itinerary
  • Lodging, transportation once in Naples, and - of course - meals ranging from pizza to pasta and farm-to-table dinners
PizzaPlex Tour of Naples - Experience the holidays in an ancient port city

Dates: December 2 - 7, 2022

Lodging: Decumani de Charme Naples Hotel (Shared double occupancy or single rooms available - daily breakfast included)

Transportation: Professional driver included for all programmed portions of the itinerary from Dec. 2 pick up from Naples Capodichino airport until Dec. 7. Return transportation to airport not included. Airfare not included in tour package price.

Optional experiences and free time included

Double occupancy price per person: $2,300 (link to book)

Single occupancy price per person: $3,200 (link to book)

Important Contingency Note: Minimum six bookings required for trip to occur. If you purchase a package and the minimum is not met, PizzaPlex will reimburse you.

How to book: Purchase a double occupancy (shared) room tour package HERE or single room tour package HERE. Once PizzaPlex reaches the minimum number of tour participants, we will follow up with each traveler to collect additional information and send ongoing travel updates and full itinerary. For those local to Detroit, we will also organize pre-tour meetups for the group to ask the tour guide questions and meet each other in advance of travel.

DAY 1 - Welcome to Napoli!

  • Meals: Aperitivo and dinner
  • You will start your travel experience with an evening aperitivo and take a guided stroll of Naples by night. You’ll enjoy an inaugural pizza dinner in the heart of Naples along storied Via dei Tribunali.

DAY 2 - Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius volcano

  • Meals: Lunch
  • Take a guided tour of the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, covered in ash by neighboring volcano, Mt. Vesuvius, in 79 CE. You will have lunch in a picturesque vineyard along Mt. Vesuvius before walking the volcano with a specialist who can relay the important history and geology of Naples.

Day 3 - Amalfi Coast Day Trip

  • Meals: Lunch
  • Explore the Amalfi coast and stop along some of the regions’ most breathtaking towns - Sorrento, Amalfi, and Positano. Enjoy views of citrus trees, artisanal shops, and rocky beaches and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean.

Day 4 - Naples’ Historic City Center and the Phlegrean Fields

  • Meals: Lunch and dinner
  • The morning will begin with a tour of Naples’ most iconic landmarks - both above and below ground, starting with Underground Naples and touring San Gregorio Armeno, an all-year holiday market internationally recognized for specializing in Neapolitan nativity scene figurines. After lunch, you’ll taste classic Campania wines with a view of a World Wildlife Fund national reserve in the Phlegrean Fields - the homeland of one of PizzaPlex’s founders, Alessandra, and, famously, Sophia Loren. From winetasting you’ll enjoy a panoramic view at dinner at a seaside agriturismo restaurant focused on farm-to-table dining experiences.

Day 5 - Sorrentino Wines

  • Meals: Lunch
  • PizzaPlex is proud to be one of the few locations in North America serving Sorrentino Vini wines, a vineyard and winery harvesting only organically grown grapes on Mt. Vesuvius. On this day of the tour you’ll visit Sorrentino Vini first-hand and taste their freshly farmed foods and walk their generations’ old vineyards. Optional horseback riding available too!

Day 6 - Back to school with Scuola di Pizzaiolo before we say Ciao Napoli!

  • Meals: Lunch and dinner
  • The big day has arrived: Learn how to make Vera Pizza Napoletana from world-renowned pizzaiolo, Fabio Cristiano, at his Scuola di Pizzaiolo (pizzamaking school). Alessandra’s family has been eating the delicious pizza of Pizzeria Da Gennaro, the host site of the school, for generations. After lunch with Fabio, you’ll savor your last day of the tour with a visit along Naples’ waterfront, ending in Santa Lucia for a farewell dinner. You may know of Santa Lucia for the traditional Neapolitan folk song by the same name.

Need more info? Email with questions. Grazie!