Dream Team

PizzaPlex Southwest Detroit Team Photo on Vernor Hwy
The heart and soul of PizzaPlex are its workers. Everyone who works at PizzaPlex is contributing to the democratic growth of our business. On the journey to conversion, we aspire for each employee to carve a personalized path to leadership in our company. We are lucky to have Olivia Gilmore, Cris Jimenez, and Xavier Kendricks on our team!
Alessandra’s mother is from Naples, Italy, and her father is from the Province of Batangas, Philippines. Alessandra started PizzaPlex with loved ones in recognition of the power of food to connect community members. She learned this through the rich cultural heritage her ancestors passed on to her through the memory of preparing and sharing meals. Alessandra grew up partly in Naples, where her family ran a trattoria and pizzeria. Outside of her work with PizzaPlex, Alessandra focuses on responsible business, and equitable and sustainable development.
Drew McUsic, co-founder, is a product manager for an Ann Arbor-based biotech company that provides DNA sequencing services. Drew’s strong business acumen, engineering precision, and quality control methods contribute to overall growth strategy and financial oversight at PizzaPlex.
Nathan Hannon, co-founder, and Food and Beverage Manager, has worked in the foodservice industry for years, at one point owning and operating his own paella food truck. Nathan has received training from the Scuola di Pizzaiolo international pizzamaking school in Naples, Italy, and has worked as a pizzamaker in traditional Neapolitan pizzerias and at large-scale international events in Italy. Nate has received wine training from Gabriele Massa, master sommelier on the Isle of Capri.
Ashley Attar, Events and Partnerships Manager, holds an extensive background in community and labor organizing and also has over a decade of experience working within the foodservice industry. On a personal and professional level, she is dedicated to transforming workplace environments by advocating for social sustainability systems that promote horizontal hierarchies and more even distributions of labor. She is proud of the burgeoning path PizzaPlex has cultivated to transition into a worker-owned model and honored to be apart of its precedential journey.
Lindsay Phipps has been a proud Detroiter for 10+ years now, working within the foodservice industry her entire time in the city. She’s thankful and proud to have gained a new family at PizzaPlex, constantly repeating to others that “A work environment makes a world of difference, and that’s why PizzaPlex surpasses them all.” Lindsay and her partner, Casey, are first-time homeowners on the city’s West Side, and loving every minute of it. “Every day I learn something new, whether it’s digging out an old pipe or tearing down drywall, I’m never scared to get my hands dirty.” Although she doesn’t mind hard work inside the house, she prefers to be outside getting her hands dirty in their garden, where she says spends most of her free time. If there’s one thing Lindsay cannot live without, it’s her plants, (and pizza, of course!).
Ale and Drew at PizzaPlex Southwest Detroit
Alessandra Carreon + Drew McUsic
Ashley at PizzaPlex Southwest Detroit
Ashley Attar
PizzaPlex Southwest Detroit Nate Hannon Pizzaiolo
Nate Hannon
Lindsay Phipps a Manager at PizzaPlex Southwest Detroit
Lindsay Phipps
Cris Jimenez a Member of PizzaPlex Team
Cris Jimenez
Xavier Hendricks a Member of PizzaPlex Team Southwest Detroit
Xavier Hendricks

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