Sospeso "Pay-It-Forward" Culture

Did you know that our pay-it-forward pizza program gives homage to Neapolitan “sospeso” culture? When you order, let our team know that you’d like to “buy sospeso,” which literally means to “suspend” your order. Anyone can redeem any pre-purchased “sospeso” item – no questions asked! “Sospeso” sponsorship lets you sponsor food for an individual, community group, or non-profit event.

“To me, the philosophy of the suspended coffee is that you are happy today, and you give a coffee to the world, as a present.”

In Naples, Gift of Coffee to Strangers Never Seen, The New York Times

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If you’d like to request free “crowd-sourced” pizza at your next community event, place a request through our online form here or ask a member of our team for more information in the restaurant!

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