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Give the Gift of a Pizza Sospeso

Considering gifting someone delicious pizza with our Sospeso Sponsorship Program?

Purchase a pizza for an individual in need to redeem in the store, or for a community organization that wishes to crowd-source pizza for its next event.

Buying sospeso means suspending the order of your purchase for anyone coming in after you; a person or organization in need of food can redeem sospeso “pay-it-forward” pizzas, no questions asked. With this program that is 100% generated by the community and for the community, PizzaPlex is able to make food donations, sponsor organizational events and feed individuals.

You can purchase a Sospeso pizza online – from anywhere in the world – for delightful consumption in Detroit.

Purchase online or at PizzaPlex.

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Want to know more about Sospeso at PizzaPlex or sign-up up your organization to be a recipient? Learn more!